Choosing the right application method for your logo workwear

You’re here because you want to add your company logo to workwear & uniform. There are a variety of application methods that we use to create products and each has its own unique set of qualities.

On this page we explain the benefits and drawbacks of each of those methods to ensure you get the very best method for your specific needs.

At Essential Workwear we have 3 main logo application methods and they are:

Adding logo customisations to your order

Logo customisation can be added to any online order, by simply adding a logo on the checkout page, after adding your chosen items to the basket.

All logos are subject to a logo set up fee of £15. The first logo set up fee becomes free when you spend £150 or more (ex VAT). The second one becomes free when you spend £300 or more (ex VAT), etc.

If we already have your logo set up, select ‘Logo On File’ and the set up fee will not be charged.

Embroidery runs of 7 garments or less will incur a small run fee of £10. This cost will not be incurred for runs of 8 or more embroidery items.

Print runs of 3 garments or less will incur a small run fee of £10. This cost will not be incurred for runs of 4 print items or more per logo.
Our embroidery cost is for logos up to 10k stitches, if your logo is larger than this we will ask for an additional payment

Logo customisation pricing


No. Garments Price
1 to 7 £5.50/garment
8 to 24 £4.50/garment
25 to 49 £3.50/garment
50+ £3.25/garment


No. Garments Price
1 to 7 £5.00/garment
8 to 24 £4.50/garment
25 to 49 £3.50/garment
50+ 2.50/garment

Please note: if you choose ‘print’, we will choose the most suitable method based on your artwork and products.

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Embroidered logos

If you’re looking for logo application of the highest quality and durability, then embroidered workwear could very well be for you. Once embroidered onto a garment, logos look very professional and are a great way of boosting your brand image.

our embroidery services

Professional & durable

At Essential we go above and beyond to ensure that your brand is represented as strongly as possible. That’s why we have an in-house design team ready and waiting to work with your logo, and ensure that it’s application onto workwear is – seamless. Complex logos can be redesigned for embroidery purposes, and our team are highly skilled in preparing artwork to suit that purpose.

It’s also good news for logos that contain a multitude of colours, as our embroidery machines can stitch up to 14 colours in one logo design. We stock over 1,000 different thread types too, meaning we can apply a logo to workwear using a variety of different finishes, such as matte or metallic.

Applicable materials

Embroidery is practical, durable and versatile.

As the embroidery process does penetrate the garment, we recommend tightly-woven materials constructed from cotton or wool. The added thickness means the garment can stand up to the stitching and hold the shape well, as opposed to say a thin linen.

That’s just as well, as the professional uniform pieces that would compliment an embroidered logo are typically made from such materials.

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Transfer printed logos

When looking to introduce branded uniforms to the workplace, you might want to take it one step further than a standard logo application. Perhaps you want each employee to have their individual names printed onto their t-shirt? That’s where transfer printing comes in.

our transfer printing services

Unique personalisation

As each transfer printed garment is done on an individual basis, it’s the perfect process for small to medium sized orders where each print may not necessarily be the same. It’s a great way to add extra personalisation to your garments, and offers full CMYK colour printing.

Our transfer printing machines also make it easy to access areas of a garment that would otherwise be difficult to print on. So, if your order requires a specific location print that we may not be able to process with screen or digital printing, rest assured we’ve got it covered with transfer printing.

Applicable materials

Transfer printing is very flexible in the way that it can be applied to a number of different garments and materials, including those that may not be suitable for other methods such as protective workwear, jackets and bags.

Therefore, you won’t be limited for choice when it comes to getting your designs transfer printed onto the garment of your choice.

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Screen printed logos

Screen Printing is an application method capable of handling colourful, bold designs and high volume runs. Our Screen Print team can print up to 1,000 pieces per hour!

our screen printing services

Versatile & long-lasting

Heavy duty inks used in screen printing allow for high colour pigmentation with vibrant outputs that don’t fade or wash out over time, so offer the perfect solution for when you really want to make your artwork stand out.

The ideal method for branding T-shirts, most retail T’s are screen printed! For companies this could translate to getting some t-shirts printed for a certain event or exhibition or simply for some great merchandise for your team, being one of the most effective application methods it can suit any budget.

Want to make your design ‘pop’? We can even add special textures and finishes to screen printed designs, too. From 3D effects to high gloss and pearlescent finishes, there are plenty of ways to make your designs come to life.

Applicable materials

Not all garments were created equally, and it takes a certain type of fabric to take to screen printing.

As screen printing requires heat in order to bond the inks to the garment, the chosen fabric must be heat tolerant to prevent any damage in the process. It must also be a single-ply fabric, to minimise movement of the garment whilst printing takes place.

Fortunately, this doesn’t limit your choice too much, and there are still a great range of workwear and clothing products that can be screen printed.

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