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Stay warm and professional with a premium hooded workwear jacket from Essential Workwear! Designed for durability and comfort, our jackets are waterproof and perfect for all working conditions. Tailor your team’s look with a range of styles and colours, all customisable with your company logo. Browse our range now!
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Hooded Jackets

Clique Colorado Jacket

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Our Ultimate Hooded Workwear Jacket Range

Embrace the elements with Essential Workwear's range of hooded workwear jackets. These meticulously designed jackets are not just about warmth and weather protection; they're a professional extension of your brand. 

With our expert embroidery and printing techniques, your company's logo is displayed with precision and pride. Choose from a variety of fits and styles to ensure your team not only looks unified but feels confident. Essential Workwear is where functionality meets brand identity, equipping your workforce with gear that reflects commitment and quality. Explore our hooded jackets now or contact our team for more information.

Why choose Essential Workwear?

  • Custom Branding: The hooded workwear jacket isn't just a garment; it's an on-the-go advertisement for your brand. Our embroidery and printing capabilities ensure your company logo stands out, whether it's rain or shine. This personalised touch not only promotes brand recognition but also promotes team spirit among employees.
  • Weather-Resistant Features: Functionality meets fashion with our collection of hooded workwear jackets. With waterproof options available, these jackets are engineered for the unpredictable British weather. From the Portwest Classic Rain Jacket to the advanced softshell options, each piece is designed to keep you warm in any industry.
  • Durability: Our hooded workwear jackets are more than just a protective layer; they're a durable companion for the daily grind. With features like softshell reinforcements and robust material blends, these jackets are an investment in your team's comfort and productivity​​.
  • Comfort and Fit: Comfort shouldn't be a luxury, and our jackets prove it. Designed for movement and tailored for the task, features like adjustable cuffs and a variety of fits ensure that every worker can perform their best without being hindered by their gear​​.
  • Expert Support: Decisions on workwear can be complex, but our team of branding experts simplifies the process. We guide you through selecting the right hooded workwear jackets that align with your brand, ensuring that your team not only looks the part but feels it too.
  • Quick Order Process: We know time is of the essence. That's why our order process is quick and straightforward, delivering quality and customisation without hassle. This efficiency means your team can be outfitted in no time, ready to face the working day with confidence. Click here for more information on our order process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I consider when choosing a hooded workwear jacket?

Consider the job requirements, the typical weather conditions, the desired durability, and how you want your company's brand to be displayed. Our range caters to diverse needs and our experts can help guide your choice.

How long does it take to receive a custom-branded hooded workwear jacket?

Our order process is efficient and streamlined to ensure you get your customised jackets as soon as possible. The exact timing can vary based on order size and customisation details, but we strive for quick turnarounds.

Can the hooded workwear jackets withstand heavy-duty work environments?

Yes, durability is a cornerstone of our design. Our hooded workwear jackets are made with robust materials and reinforced seams to endure demanding work settings.

How do I care for my hooded workwear jacket to maintain its quality?

Each jacket comes with specific care instructions to maximize its lifespan. Generally, gentle washing and avoiding harsh chemicals will keep your jacket in top condition.

Are there sustainable or eco-friendly hooded workwear jackets available?

We are committed to sustainability and offer eco-friendly options like the Regatta Honestly Made Recycled Ecodown Thermal Jacket. Please check our sustainable workwear range or inquire with our team for more details.