What is Transfer Printing?

Transfer Printing is the process of printing an image on a vinyl and then heat pressing that image at a high temperature onto the garment.

It works well for individually named garments as well as printing on bags and jackets, and is often use on football shirt.

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Benefits of Transfer Printing

  • Suitable for small & medium sized orders
  • Ability to print individual names and numbers on garments
  • Can be printed on a variety of garments, such as jackets & bags
  • Can print on difficult to access areas
  • Can print full colour CMYK on any order quantity
essential work wear

What Products Can Be Transfer?

One of the biggest advantages of transfer printing is the variety of garments that you can print on with it.
This makes it especially suitable for protective workwear such as ARC flash coveralls and fire-resistant jackets.

Here are some of the products that transfer printing suits best:

• Jackets                                        • Protective Workwear
• Coveralls                                     • T-Shirts 

• Hoodies                                              • Hi-Visibility Garments
• Sweatshirts

Transfer Printing Process

essential work wear

Step 1

The Artwork is first printed onto a heat responsive vinyl.
essential work wear

Step 2

A worker then ‘weeds’ the vinyl which means they remove any of the white from the design that isn’t needed.
essential work wear

Step 3

The design is pressed onto the garment using an automatic heat press.