Uniform Manpacking

We understand the hassle that can be caused by ordering 100’s of uniforms and receiving t-shirts, jackets, trousers and shoes all packaged together and trying to distribute the correct items to each employee.

Faced with a sea of clothes in different sizes and different products depending on each person’s requirements – where do you start?

That’s why we offer uniform manpacking services to our customers.

What is Uniform Manpacking?

Uniform Manpacking is essentially the method of pre-packing complete uniform kits for each individual employee. The packs are clearly labelled and marked up for easy distribution once the order is sent to your premises, we can even go as far as sending the packs directly to your employees individual addresses.

Our online ordering system makes it easy for you to assign employee IDs to each individual kit, and our dedicated man packing team take care of the rest. 

We oversee the process from start to finish, ensuring that each pre-packed uniform contains the correct products for the right employee. If you’re not too sure what products you need for each employee, our expert team can help out with that, too.

Uniform Man Packing

How Uniform Manpacking works

 The uniform manpacking process couldn’t be simpler, and should you have any queries our team are on hand to help along the way.

Why choose uniform manpacking?

A well priced, high quality solution to your large scale workwear needs

Case Studies

wren logo

We work with Wren Kitchens to deliver multiple workwear kits for a variety of job functions. The kits contain a mixture of uniform clothing, hi-vis and PPE.

The deliveries are despatched to multiple warehouses and showrooms, and the overall operation kits out over 4,000 employees.

Example Office Workwear Pack

All branded with your company’s logo

man packing with embroidered company shirts

3 x Embroidered Shirts

man packing uses sweatshirts for corporate uniforms

2 x Knitwear


1 x Softshell

Example Warehouse Workwear Pack

All branded with your company’s logo

man pack polo shirts as part of factory uniform

5 x Embroidered Polos

trousers for factory uniforms

2 x Work Trousers

sweatshirt for warehouse uniform

2 x Sweatshirts

man packing with softshell coats

1 x Softshell