Hi-Vis T-Shirts

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Browse our full range of custom hi visibility t-shirts for the workplace, available in a range of styles and colours, all manufactured to European health and safety regulations.

Hi-Vis T-Shirts

Bseen Hi Vis T-Shirt

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Hi-Vis T-Shirts

Yoko Hi Vis T-Shirt

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Ideal for working outdoors in hot weather, hi visibility t-shirts are a great way of providing the necessary protection to increase the margin of safety in busy working environments with vehicular traffic and low light conditions, without the need for an additional layer of clothing. For situations where full body hi-vis clothing may be required, reflective t-shirts are easily paired with lightweight hi-vis trousers.

Our range of hi vis t-shirts offers cool and comfortable alternatives to jackets and fleeces, from top quality brands such as Bseen, Mascot and Yoko. Available in a range of different fits, styles and colours, all featuring appropriately placed reflective strips for maximum safety protection.

At Essential Workwear, we're experts in applying company logos to an extensive variety of different workwear garments, and our hi vis t-shirts can be branded with your design via printing to achieve a professional look and feel. Our team of experts can help to advise on the correct workwear needed for your staff, simply get in touch with us to find out more.

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