Artwork Guidelines for Printing & Embroidery

Preparing your artwork for print or embroidery? This guide will assist you in designing and formatting your logo to get it print-ready before sending it our way.

We don’t want your branded workwear order to be delayed, and neither do you. By following our simple guidelines below, you’ll ensure that your logo is correctly prepared for garment application, helping to speed up the process so we can get your order to you as soon as possible.

Please read carefully as incorrect artwork can cause delays and a £7.50 redraw charge

Artwork Guidelines for Print

To ensure the best quality results for your order, we ask that the logos and artwork you send to us have been vectored and outlined, and must be in an appropriate file format (eg. EPS, SVG, PDF.)

You should be able to tell the difference between a vectored image and a non-vectored equivalent by zooming in. Up close, a vector will be clear and sharp, while the non-vectored image will appear distorted and blurred.

If you’re unable to send us a vector, there’ll be an additional £7.50 charge, so that we can redraw the logo as a vector for you.

screen printing DTF printing
vectored and non vectored artwork

Artwork Guidelines for Embroidery

The guidelines for submitting a logo to be embroidered on your workwear products aren’t as strict as those for printing, as the design will be digitised and changed into stitches.

You don’t need your logo to be a vector in this case, and any standard image file format (JPG, PNG, etc.) is acceptable.

However, we do ask that regardless of the file format, you send over the highest quality version of your logo as possible to get the best results.

Essential embroidered hats

Artwork Approval

Once you’ve sent over your artwork, we’ll review it to ensure it meets the required standard for printing or embroidery.

We’ll then send you a mock-up of your branding on your selected products. This enables you to see your artwork in-situ, and confirm you’re happy with the selected position, size and colours.

After you’ve reviewed the artwork and signed off on it, we’re ready to start the branding process for your order.

Frequently asked questions
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Need more help with your artwork?

We understand that not everyone has access to the correct software or the know-how to convert their logo in the correct format, so we’re here to help.

Our specialist team of graphic designers are on hand to assist with your artwork, so that we can get your logo print-ready in a way that’ll make it stand out on your chosen garments.

For any help or queries with your artwork, please send us a message in the chat box to chat to a member of our friendly team.