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Browse our range of custom hi visibility fleeces, which can be embroidered or printed with your company logo. Explore our broader Hi-Visibility collection for more options.

As well as ensuring that your workforce stay warm and comfortable in the cold, you may also need to ensure that they remain visible in dark conditions. Our fleeces are versatile and can be worn indoors as an outer layer, or as part of an overall hi-vis uniform.

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Custom Hi Vis Fleeces: A Blend of Safety, Comfort, and Customisation

Elevate your safety gear with our range of custom hi vis fleeces. Ideal for those seeking both visibility and comfort, our custom fleeces blend functionality with a touch of personal flair. Perfect for various work environments, these fleeces ensure you're seen and safe. Pair them with items from our hi-vis collection, like hi-vis t shirts, hi-vis polo shirts or hi-vis trousers, for all of your hi-vis workwear needs. 

Our collection of custom hi-vis fleeces is tailored to meet the demands of diverse work environments. Whether you're a tradesperson on a construction site, managing outdoor events, or part of a roadside emergency team, these fleeces are designed for high visibility and comfort. Check out our Hi-Vis Workwear Guide for more information.

Key Features:

  • Enhanced Visibility: Featuring bright, reflective materials, these fleeces ensure you're visible in low-light conditions.
  • Customisation Options: Add a personal touch with our customisation services. Include your company logo, colours, or specific design requests.
  • Quality Materials: Made with durable, high-quality fabrics, our custom fleeces withstand harsh conditions while providing warmth and ease of movement.
  • Versatile Use: Ideal for various settings, our hi-vis fleeces cater to professionals across industries.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How durable are the custom hi vis fleeces in extreme weather conditions?

Our hi vis fleeces are crafted with durability in mind. They are designed to provide warmth and maintain high visibility in various weather conditions, including rain, wind, and cold temperatures, making them a reliable choice for outdoor work environments.

2. What range of sizes are available for the custom hi vis fleeces?

Our custom hi-vis fleeces are available in a comprehensive range of sizes. Most of our custom hi-vis fleeces are available from size small to 3XL, while the Pro Job Hi Vis Fleece Jacket is available in sizes from x-small to 4XL, ensuring a suitable fit for all body types. 

3. What reflective materials are used in the hi vis fleeces?

The reflective materials used in our hi-vis fleeces are of high quality, ensuring optimal visibility. These materials are compliant with safety standards, reflecting light effectively in low-light conditions to keep wearers safe and visible.

4. Are there options for bulk orders?

Absolutely. At Essestial Workwear we cater to both individual and bulk orders, with special attention to consistency in quality and design. Check out our workwear bundles for top deals for your entire team. 

5. How long does customisation take?

Customisation time varies depending on the complexity of the design. Contact us for an estimated turnaround time based on your specific needs or click here for more information on our order process.