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Browse our full range of eye protection ppe for the workplace, available in a variety of different styles from UV protected specs to safety goggles with adjustable straps. Also great for covid-19 protection!

Eye & Face Protection

Portwest Bold Pro Spectacles

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Eye & Face Protection

Portwest Pan View Spectacles

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Eye & Face Protection

Portwest Profile Safety Spectacles

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Safety glasses and ppe goggles are mandatory for all workers operating in particularly hazardous conditions where potential eye injury by projectile objects is a risk. It's important to ensure that appropriate safety glasses and goggles are provided to employees and meet health and safety standards before use, to safely guarantee the prevention of any objects entering the eyes.

Our range of durable, health and safety compliant eye protectors offer a variety of different safety features and protective elements such as anti-fog and scratch resistant lenses, alongside a choice of clear, yellow, mirrored and more lens types to best suit your industry.

Essential Workwear are proud to be members of the BSIF Registered Safety Supplier Scheme, with our own in-house team of PPE experts. Not sure which safety products are right for you? Our team are fully trained and experienced in advising on what PPE products best fit different industries and their workers' jobs. For professional advice and guidance on building your PPE kit, get in touch with us today.

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