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Discover warmth and style with our padded work jackets. Tailored for the colder months, these jackets provide a snug, waterproof shield, perfect for any work environment. Essential Workwear offers extensive customisation services, including embroidery, screen, digital, and transfer printing, to showcase your company’s logo with style and precision. Get ready to face the elements with a custom puffer jacket!
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Clique Colorado Jacket

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Hi-Vis Outer Jackets

Portwest DX4 Hi-Vis Winter Jacket

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Padded Work Jackets: Embrace the Elements in Style

When the cold sets in, a padded work jacket from Essential Workwear isn't just another layer; it's your defence against the elements. Our collection is engineered for warmth and designed for durability, ensuring you stay comfortable and your brand stands out, no matter the weather. With our range, you get more than just protection; you get a workwear solution tailored to your professional needs.

Our jackets offer safety and style, crafted for those who work hard and don't let the weather dictate their day. Customisation options mean your team can wear your brand on their embroidered padded jacket with pride, reinforcing company identity with every job. Explore our range now or contact our team for more information.

Why Essential Workwear?

  • Custom Branding: Make your mark with our fully customisable jackets. Embroider or print your company logo for that professional touch. Our experts are here to guide you through the process.
  • Unmatched Quality: Our jackets are crafted to endure the demands of any job while ensuring you look good on the move. These jackets are not just investments in comfort but in your brand image, promising durability and affordability​​.
  • Versatile Style Selection: From sleek blacks to vibrant colours and hi-vis options, select from a palette that compliments your company's branding and your employees’ needs.
  • All-Weather Comfort: Come rain or shine, our jackets keep your team warm and dry, thanks to their superior waterproof fabric. Have a look at our Winter Workwear Must Have’s and Our Guide to Autumn Workwear for top tips on staying professional and practical in the cold.
  • Size Inclusivity: Catering to every team member, we offer an extensive range of sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for all.
  • Easy Care: Our jackets are as easy to care for as they are to wear. Simple washing instructions mean they're ready to go when you are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes your padded work jackets ideal for professional use?

Our jackets are designed with the professional in mind, offering robust construction, custom branding options, and all-weather protection. They're not just jackets; they're a mobile advertisement for your brand.

Can I order jackets in a variety of colours to match our company branding?

Absolutely, we have a spectrum of colours available. You can choose the perfect shade to represent your company, ensuring consistency across your team's attire.

How does the customisation process work?

It's simple. Choose your jacket, send us your logo, and our branding experts will guide you through the embroidery or printing process. We ensure your logo looks sharp and stands out. Click here for more information on our order process.

What's the delivery time for a bulk order of customised jackets?

Delivery times may vary, but we strive for efficiency. Once your design is finalised, we aim to get your jackets to you swiftly and without fuss.

Do you offer women's sizes in the padded work jackets?

Yes, we provide a range of sizes that cater to all body types, including women, men, and unisex fits to ensure comfort and a professional appearance for everyone in your team.