Digital ‘DTG’ printing is the process of printing a digital image directly onto a garment, a lot like an ink jet printer prints an image onto paper from your computer.

As it prints the image directly onto the garment it is also often called Direct-to-Garment ‘DTG’ printing.

A relatively new technology that has only been around for the past 10 years but is rapidly improving and gaining popularity.

Its main advantages come from having little to zero set up costs and being able to produce wide colour gambits with detailed gradients, making it great for orders with smaller orders with detailed colourful designs.

Digital DTG Printing

Benefits of Digital ‘DTG’ Printing

Low Set-Up Costs

As DTG printing prints directly from the digital image we do not need to create screens and set the machine like we do for screen printing, all we need to get printing is the high-quality file of your design.

Complex Designs

As DTG printing prints designs directly from a digital file there is no limit to how many colours or how complex the design can be to be printed. DTG printing can even print photographs onto garments.

Short Runs Possible

Again, due to the little to zero set up costs we can offer printing at very low minimums for a very cost-effective price.


Finally, digital printing only uses water-based inks what are much better for the environment that standard plastisol inks.

Drawbacks of Digital ‘DTG’ Printing

Not Suitable for Large Orders

Despite being great for low order quantities, the time per print of a digital print can be quite high meaning that once the quantities become slightly higher, it becomes much more cost effective to screen print.

What can we Digitally Print on?

Below are the types of garments that digital print works best on:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Sweatshirts
Digital DTG Printing