Steel toe safety shoes

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Step into the realm of robust protection with our collection of Steel Toe Safety Shoes at Essential Workwear. These shoes are crafted for rigorous work environments, offering unmatched safety against impacts and compressions, while ensuring all-day comfort.

Explore a variety of designs within our safety footwear range, tailored to meet the demands of various occupational settings. Our composite safety shoes are a key component of our broader Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) offerings, ensuring a well-guarded step in any work scenario.

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Steel toe safety shoes

Portwest Steelite Safety Clog

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Steel toe safety shoes

Portwest Steelite Tove Trainer

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Steel toe safety shoes

Portwest Steelite Laced Safety Shoe

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Explore Our Steel Toe Safety Shoes Collection

Dive into our comprehensive range of Steel Toe Safety Shoes at Essential Workwear, where safety harmoniously meets comfort. Our meticulously engineered collection is a blend of modern design aesthetics and advanced protective technology, ensuring your feet stay safeguarded against potential hazards in challenging work environments.

Buyer's Guide:

Embark on a journey to find the ideal pair of steel toe safety shoes with our insightful buyer's guide, covering essential factors to consider.


Our steel toe shoes are crafted to provide a formidable shield against falling objects and compression hazards, akin to traditional safety footwear yet with a modern touch.

Safety Standards:

Ensure your chosen pair adheres to pertinent safety standards like ASTM F2413-18, guaranteeing top-notch protection against unforeseen workplace dangers.

Fit and Comfort:

A snug fit, adequate arch support, and cushioning are crucial to mitigate fatigue during extensive working hours. Our collection is designed keeping wearer comfort at the forefront.

Work Environment:

Reflect on your work setting while choosing a pair, as our collection caters to a range of industries where robust footwear is essential.


Get answers to common queries regarding steel toe safety shoes and make an informed decision.

Q: What sets steel toe safety shoes apart?

A: Steel toe safety shoes provide robust protection against impact and compression hazards while ensuring comfort and mobility.

Q: How do steel toe shoes compare to composite toe shoes?

A: While both offer substantial protection, steel toe shoes are known for superior strength, whereas composite toe shoes are lighter and metal-free.

Explore a world of protection and comfort with our steel toe safety shoes, ensuring a safe step forward in every work endeavour. Delve deeper into our PPE Guide for more insights on choosing the right safety gear for your needs.