Printed jackets have long been a staple item in any company uniform. 

Taking advantage of the requirement for employees to be warm and comfortable, in order to ensure happiness and productivity in the workplace, by providing them with a logo branded jacket can truly accelerate your brand image and offer a number of advantages for your business.

With so many styles to choose from, it’s never been easier to incorporate a professional, stylish and on-brand jacket into your company uniform.

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The different types of brandable workwear jackets

Softshell jackets

Lightweight yet warm and water resistent, softshell jackets are the perfect addition to just about any businesses workwear wardrobe. Available in a range of different colours, fits and styles including those with or without hoods, you can tailor your softshell jackets to perfectly suit your working environment and existing uniform.


Who they’re perfect for

The versatility of softshell jackets means they’re suited to a range of different industries. They’re warm and convenient for outdoor workers to throw on over their t-shirts or sweatshirts, but also incredibly stylish and trendy meaning that they won’t look out of place in a corporate setting.

How they can be branded

Our range of softshell jackets can be branded with your logo via printing or embroidery. The design of the garment naturally provides a whole host of different logo placements to choose from, and allows for a number of different sizing options for your printed logo to be displayed.

Either opt for a small, subtle logo added to the chest, or a full size branding to the back – the choice is yours!

Padded jackets

Padded jackets, otherwise known as quilted or puffer jackets, are a medium to heavy outer layer constructed with panels of thermal lining for increased heat retention and comfort. They are a unisex jacket and universally popular for their snug, warm fit in the winter months. They typically feature two waist pockets and a hood as standard, with other features also present depending on the brand.


Who they’re perfect for

Due to their warm and comforting nature they make the perfect outer layer jacket for anyone that frequently works outdoors, or visits outdoor locations as part of their working day. However if the recipient works outdoors almost 100% of the time then you may wish to opt for a heavy-duty outdoor jacket, which you can read more about below. Padded jackets also pair quite well with shirts, and bridge the gap nicely between heavy outer layer and thin, corporate softshell.

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How they can be branded

Padded jackets can be branded via either embroidery or printing, add your logo to your item when checking out on the cart page.

The most common logo placement on printed jackets is the chest area, however the recipient is due to be out-and-about frequently, you may wish to add a larger message to the back of the jacket.

Heavy-Duty Outdoor Jackets

When black clouds come in and the winds pick up, reach for a heavy duty jacket. These thick, waterproof and hooded jackets exist only to protect you from the worst of weather conditions.

Gone are the days of these jackets being massive and cumbersome, with modern fabric technologies you can protect yourself from the worst conditions while remaining comfortable and mobile, leaving only the weather to make you miserable.


Who they’re perfect for

In truth, the outdoor jacket can be used by any member of staff, but those who spend the majority of their time outside will likely benefit from them the most.

For these workers getting wet isn’t a case of being a bit chilly at your desk, it’s being uncomfortable and therefore less efficient for the rest of the day. Make sure they are adequately equipped to stay warm and dry whatever the weather.

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How they can be printed

As a jacket that is designed to defend against the wind and rain, the last thing you want to be doing is poking several hundred holes in it to embroider it. Instead, printing is the ideal method of applying your branding to these outdoor jackets. 

Both of these methods can be applied to just about any area on the jacket, in full colour and in all realistic sizes.

Wind & water repellent jackets

There is nothing worse than when it is pouring with rain and also very strong winds. It’s never a nice situation to be in, however, a wind and water repellent jacket will help to combat this issue and will support you in all weather conditions.

The jacket itself is comfy too so even if you are covered from the rain you will still be dry and warm.


Who they’re perfect for

The jacket is perfect for any worker who is working outdoors when the weather isn’t great, as all the team members will be kept dry if they’re outside.

With the hood being double layered in self fabric with an elastic binding, this will ensure if there is heavy rain in the working environment then the hood won’t easily come off your head as it will be more secure – therefore you will not have to continuously put your hood above your head.

How they can be printed

A great addition you can have with this jacket too is that you can add a logo on it, so for every team member that needs a winter, water repellent jacket they can show off their company’s logo proudly.

The logos can be added once this product is in the basket and if you already have a logo that has been printed before then you can simply select ‘logo on file’, so the set up fee will not be charged.

Bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are one of the more stylish jackets you can wear and they are incredibly versatile too. The jacket can be worn by any team member and they are available in a variety of colours so you can feel even more comfortable in the jacket.

Our two bomber jackets come with either a collar or without one and they’re available at a great price.


Who they’re perfect for

The jacket is ideal for any team member to wear as you can feel comfortable in all working environments, if the office is feeling cold then the bomber jacket will keep you warm too as the sleeves are warm lined, perfect for when it is winter time.

With it being a lightweight jacket too you will feel at the right temperature so you do not have to take it off as much.

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How they can be printed

Logos are available to be printed onto the jacket too so you can showcase your company’s brand the best way and feel proud to do it.

The logo can be full of colour and if it starts to rain, the bad weather will not affect the fabric.

Hi Visibility jackets

Our Hi Visibility jackets are perfect if you are working outside late at night as they come in bright fluorescent colours so it can be clearly seen that you are in a working environment.

The sun’s ultraviolet rays react with the colours on the jacket so it will create a glowing appearance – this glow effect can be stronger at times when it is dusk or dawn.


Who they’re perfect for

The jackets are ideal for team members who are working in an outdoor environment so they will be clearly seen. The material is made of a soft material so the jacket will provide warmth and comfort when you’re wearing it, so you will be kept warm when you’re working outside.

Furthermore, wearing this will potentially protect you from an accident in a dangerous working environment.

How they can be printed

Having a logo printed on to the Hi Vis jacket will further show which company you work for as you can have the logo on the back as well as the front.

In addition, if you’re working for a large company then having a logo is crucial because you can identify any staff members and which location they are in.

The benefits of printed jackets

Not just an extra layer to add to the company uniform, printed jackets are a worthwhile investment for a whole host of different reasons.


Employees are one of your biggest assets in terms of how your company image is perceived by the public. One of the major advantages of branded jackets, and branded workwear in general, is that they work towards creating a smart and professional image of both your staff and company as a whole.

First impressions always count, and if a potential customer is greeted by a high quality, professionally branded uniform that can reflect upon the quality and professionalism of your services and/or products.

Builds brand awareness

Printed jackets are a logical choice for any company looking to boost their brand awareness and visibility. While your staff are wearing company printed jackets, they’re advertising your brand without even thinking about it. 

A good quality branded jacket can be worn both inside and outside of the workplace, with the potential to be seen by many and serve as a visual reminder of your brand. This ongoing exposure has the potential to drive interest to your business, and should this turn into sales or leads, you could be looking at a positive ROI.

Great for commutes & external meetings

Kitting out your staff with a warm and comfortable branded jacket is everything they need to set them up for their cold morning commutes and trips outside of the office for important client meetings.

Having their own extra layer to hand is both convenient and essential, helping them to be prepared for any outdoor ventures whilst ensuring they’re dressed smart and on-brand at all times.

Staff don’t have to wear their own

A working environment without uniform structure, even if that structure is a relaxed set of guidelines, can add unnecessary pressure on employees who struggle to put together a smart outfit each morning. Rather than relying upon staff to turn up to work adhering to dress codes, you can provide them with an outer layer that meets the standards you have set.

There is also a big element of professionalism involved with providing your work force with uniform to wear, instead of having them wear their own clothes. Over a sustained period of time staff stand to save a small fortune through buying less outer layers in the winter months.

Pride and unity

When employees both look and feel great it cultivates a positive working environment and, dare we say, a touch of pride in the task at hand. It’s important for staff to know that they are working for a company that takes pride in their appearance, and there’s no better way of showing them that than by investing in quality workwear for them to feel comfortable in.

To further increase the sense of unity, why not make the selection of workwear an inclusive team event? There is an opportunity to gauge staff opinion on variables like look, feel and colour. With staff included in this process they are more likely to end up with workwear they actually want to wear, and they’ll be all the more productive for it.

Health and safety

There are certain service industries that require uniforms to keep staff distinguishable. In outdoor events, for example, staff in printed jackets will be easily identifiable for attendees.

Being able to clearly tell who is working on site is vital in an evacuation situation, and the last thing you want is for staff to blend into the crowd. From a customer service perspective it makes staff much more approachable and inviting, as they can be quickly found in times of need.

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Ordering printed jackets for your business

To make ordering custom printed jackets in large numbers simple we have laid out our order process into 6 simple steps:

  • Handling your enquiry
    While we are always happy to deal with an order over the phone, by far the simplest way of making your order is through our website. This portal allows us to easily understand the sizes, quantities and colours of the jackets you require.

    Once we have all this information we will also take your logo and instructions on where it should be located on the garment and in what size or colour scheme. Should you need it, we have a professional branding service on standby to advise you on getting the perfect printed jacket.
  • Processing your order
    This is where we get to work turning your specifications into reality. Rest assured that while we work quickly, we have quality control checks throughout the manufacturing process to make sure no corners are cut.

    With the jackets prepared and printed, our post-production teams will then check for final faults and imperfections, making sure the product you receive is exactly as you imagined it.
  • Shipping your order
    With your printed jackets complete it’s time to get them to you. We handle all of our packaging and shipping in house to remove any potential steps for mistakes. We will keep you informed of the status of your order throughout, and when it’s on the way to you.
  • Payment & aftercare
    Before shipping your order a standard pre-authorisation check will be carried out on your account to ensure that the funds are there to pay for the items, but the final invoice will not be sent until after you receive your printed jackets.

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