Branded uniforms are far more than just adding your company logo to a shirt, and they offer many advantages to how your business operates and is perceived.

We recently took an in-depth look into the benefits of an embroidered uniform for businesses, but what about the positive impacts that uniforms can have for the staff wearing them?

While this may not be the first concern for many businesses when choosing the right company uniform to promote their brand, it’s important to recognise that employees are the ones wearing these garments day in, day out and should therefore be a crucial factor in influencing these decisions.


The psychological benefits of company  branded uniforms

Businesses who provide their employees with company uniforms find that they offer a whole host of benefits for improving staff well-being and boosting morale in the workplace.

A sense of belonging

Job satisfaction is crucial to the success of any business, and a key contributing factor to this is when your staff feel like they’re part of a team.

Employees wearing the same uniform as their colleagues creates a sense of belonging and instills a feeling of solidarity within the workplace. This also puts everyone on a level playing field, so no matter their seniority or position in the company, everyone is valued and operates as part of the same team.

Encouraging a high level of team spirit in this way is essential for creating a collaborative working environment where staff feel comfortable working with and alongside one another, therefore boosting general morale and productivity as a result.

A sense of pride

With corporate uniforms it is vitally important that you implement a policy that your employees are happy to participate in.

This can be done by making them an active part of this process; ask them for their feedback with regards to what sorts of workwear would make them feel comfortable and, ultimately, productive. This sort of HR exercise ensures that the needs and opinions of the workforce are taken into account, and generates a favourable opinion of the end uniform.

When staff look and feel the part in branded workwear they can gain a sense of pride in their place of work. It is encouraging to know that you are representing a business that takes pride in the appearance of their staff.

With high quality workwear, staff may be more likely to wear their uniform on the commute; this flies the flag for your business and converts your workforce into brand advocates. When you think of the greatest sports teams, they all achieved their goals in an iconic kit or uniform.

The practical benefits of company uniforms

There are also a handful of practical advantages that come along with having a well thought out company uniform in place, one that utilises all of the correct workwear to ensure that employees can carry out their tasks safely and efficiently.

Employees save time and money

Deciding on what to wear for work each day can be a burden on employees who work within an organisation where uniform is non existent. Trying to piece together a smart and professional looking outfit every day can take up a huge amount of their free time which could be better spent.

This can add an unnecessary amount of pressure on employees each morning, and in scenarios where they’re pushed for time and struggle to find an outfit which they’re happy and comfortable in, this can have a negative impact on their mindset for the rest of the day.

The financial implications of purchasing their own uniforms can also be another stressor for employees, as they attempt to seek out presentable clothing which keeps up with the standards of their colleagues without being repetitive throughout the week.

These issues can be prevented by implementing company uniforms, and reiterates how it will make all employees feel equal regardless of their financial and personal circumstances.

Increased efficiency & productivity

We’ve all heard the phrase “dress for success” – and for any workplace to be effective this is something that will need to be considered.

A set uniform may not be ideal for every industry, in fact, there are some professions where a more relaxed workwear policy makes perfect sense, but only 1 in 10 people now wear a suit to work, with companies opting to make the transition over to more relaxed forms of branded workwear.

Why is this? Productivity stems from comfort and coordination. By utilising branded workwear, employers have the opportunity to use clothing to organise teams across an entire company. Embroidered polo shirts, for example, are available in a wide range of colours and these options are a great way of establishing those divisions.

For some industries it pays dividends to create clear boundaries between work and social, instructing staff to work in a predetermined uniform can help this. Mentally, it can be easier to work with this boundary in place.

Security, health & safety

One thing worth considering is the security benefits that come with being able to clearly distinguish between staff and customer, plus, the mental benefits this can have for those that are working for you

Being able to clearly tell who is a member of staff is vital in situations where premises need to be evacuated, for example. Workwear can be branded with a company logo and this makes staff instantly recognisable in times of need. Similarly, staff are less likely to blend in amongst customers and this makes them much more approachable from a customer service perspective.

In terms of health and safety, this is pretty self explanatory; within services industries where uniforms require both protection and the ability to undertake a particular task, staff will not feel comfortable operating without the correct protective workwear in place. Psychologically, it is paramount that you feel well adequately equipped to undertake any manual task.

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