Corporate Winter Workwear

It can sometimes be a struggle to decide what’s appropriate when it comes to office winter workwear. It’s important that while ensuring your employees are warm and comfortable at work, they’re also representing your brand in a professional manner.

Woolly jumpers, hats and scarves are understandably a no-go in the office, but there are certain items that are perfectly suitable and professional for your employees to wear both in and out of the office when the temperature drops.


Fleeces are the ideal way to add an extra layer of warmth on those colder days in the office. While office workers will usually benefit from the luxury of central heating in the winter, it’s not uncommon to get the occasional cold chill indoors, especially when manoeuvring around the building.

Easy to throw on over a shirt, fleeces are warm and comfortable to wear indoors. By having one to hand, it’s a simple way to keep your employees happy and focused on the job at hand rather than being distracted by the cold.

When wearing indoor outer layers in a corporate setting, it’s important that they retain the company’s professional image and ensure that employees look presentable at all times. Fleeces embroidered with your company logo are a great fit for this, and are perfect for getting your staff to represent your brand at all times, as opposed to wearing their own winter layers.

We have an extensive range of fleeces ready to be embroidered with your corporate logo, available in a variety of styles and colours to suit your current office uniforms and branding.


The cold and wet commute into work can be unbearable during the winter months. In order to make it to the office with clothing as dry as possible, preparation is key. So, warm and waterproof outer layers are a must-have for this time of year.

This is the perfect opportunity to provide your employees with a practical piece of clothing that will not only help to keep them warm and dry during the battle with the great British weather, but also act as an advertisement for your corporate brand whilst out and about.

Outdoor clothing can be seen as an extension of your already professional looking branded office uniform, and it’s these outer layers that are noticed by passers by on our day-to-day commutes. High-quality, durable coats and jackets are a great way to accelerate your brand image whilst also keeping your employees happy.

Our range of winter jackets includes top brands such as Portwest, Tee Jays and Regatta in an array of styles and colours. If professional looking, waterproof and warm jackets are what you’re looking for, you’ll find that here at Essential Workwear.


Heavy duty jackets may not be necessary for everyday wear, even here in the UK. Sometimes, we just want a light jacket that will protect us from the rain but is also easy enough to pack into a bag in the off chance that the weather holds up. Softshell jackets are the perfect outer layer for those days.

The lighter fabric of a softshell jacket allows for maximum breathability and movement, while its water resistant features ensure that you’re protected from the elements. When embroidered with your company logo, you’re reaping the added benefits of your employees promoting your brand with each and every wear.

For a high quality range of fleece lined, waterproof softshell jackets to kit out your staff with, check out our collection.

Long Sleeve Shirts & Blouses

For corporate businesses, smart shirts in the office are a necessity. As the cold weather draws in, it’s time to ditch the short sleeve shirts in favour of thicker, long sleeved tailoring. This is also a particularly good alternative to allowing staff to wear fleeces/jackets in the office, as a way of keeping the cold away.

When it comes to shirts and blouses, quality is important. Whether you’re attending important meetings or events, first impressions always count and those generally tend to come from the way your employees present themselves in terms of clothing.

High quality shirts are easily distinguishable from cheaper alternatives, and are always worth the investment for your company’s image. Enhance your chosen shirts with an expertly embroidered logo and you will have created a professional standard uniform which your employees will be proud to wear.

Here at Essential Workwear, we stock a range of mens and ladies long sleeve shirts & blouses from top brand Kustom Kit. Cool and comfortable, made with cotton and polyester blends, all of Kustom Kits’ shirts feature sturdy collars, rounded hems and buttoned cuffs.

Construction Winter Workwear

The winter months can be long and hard for those who work outdoors on construction sites. Luckily for us all, advancements are always being made with regards to workwear and PPE that tackles the plummeting temperatures, strong winds and consistent downpours. 

Cold weather can impact on concentration and mobility. Deeper exposure to the cold can often result hypothermia or worse. But how do we ensure that we’re keeping our workforce warm whilst also adhering to health and safety regulations? Here are four winter workwear items that do just that.


Wearing the correct, adequate footwear will always be a necessity when on site. It is vitally important that you provide all of your workers with boots that are both comfortable and protective.

Why the correct footwear is so important

With the right shoes on their feet, workers are protected from serious foot injuries in a hazardous environment. Handling heavy tools and equipment increases the likelihood of punctures, crushes and lacerations while the strenuous activity involved on the job can lead to sprains.

Comfort is also a key factor here. Construction jobs can often demand long periods of standing, so you will need to offer footwear that provides good support. Maintaining an upright stance for hours on end can be tiring and, without supportive footwear, it can lead to cases of arthritis, deformation, and rheumatism.

Why footwear is particularly important in winter

The winter weather can create adverse working conditions and as an employer you need to be prepared for this.

For example, workers will be very thankful for safety wellingtons if they are dealing with long periods of rain and mud. 100% waterproof and fitted with both a steel toe cap and midsole protection, they are a safe bet to keep feet dry and protect against blisters.

If a job involves navigating gritted patches of ice, our footwear section features a wide variety of safety boots with dual density outsoles and non-conductive materials for cold temperatures.


In construction, companies are always looking for workwear and PPE that helps their employees to embrace the winter chill, ensuring work can continue despite the cold weather.

Woolly hats such as the Beechfield cuffed beanie can complement other thermal workwear layers to create the perfect, comfortable attire for the season. Woolly hats are also essential in reducing heat loss, if all other areas of the body are covered.

Embroidered with the logo of your company or firm they will look professional as part of full uniform. Plus, you wouldn’t be relying on the team to bring their own hats in, which can reflect badly if the other workwear and PPE is branded.

The hats can be ordered in a variety of colours, meaning there will be a product to suit your brand. Furthermore, different colours can be utilised to represent different units on site just like helmets can.

For workers to be productive in undesirable conditions they need to be provided with comfortable, warm clothing that enables them to function in the cold.

Hi-Vis Outer Jackets

When the dark winter nights draw in, and the days are generally cloudy and dull, hi-vis can be particularly important in terms of hazard prevention. Naturally, hi-visibility will always be needed in factories and on construction sites but there are outer layers that have been specifically designed for colder weather.

Take the Portwest hi-vis jacket for example. Not only is it breathable, windproof and water repellent, it can be used for a variety of functions including a shell jacket, shell gilet and thermal jacket.

This makes it the perfect hi-vis outerwear piece for the entire year, but particularly in the winter when users can make the most of the quilted lining.

Hoodies & Sweatshirts

Hoodies and sweatshirts can be worn as part of the on site uniform, underneath any protective PPE or outer hi-visibility layers. They provide an extra, needed layer of warmth when the temperatures drop and you’re working outdoors.

Here at Essential Workwear we have the ability to embroider or print a logo onto these items, bringing them in keeping with your brand and ensuring that all of the workforce look professional in designated workwear. As well as being able to work with any logo, we can also help you by including references to teams or units on the workwear, something that can be particularly important if you are operating on a large site scale.

As well as having obvious on site benefits in the winter months, branded hoodies & sweatshirts are a great way of flying the flag for your business away from the site itself. As they are often worn to and from work, at home and so on, they can be combined with a promotional message for your firm to maximise the impact.

Similarly to hats, these products can be ordered in a variety of colours to meet brand or operational specifications.

Looking for further help or advice? Our dedicated team of experts can help you decide what winter workwear essentials your employees need. Get in touch with us and a member of our team will get back to you.