Safety Helmets

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Browse our range of customisable safety helmets. Choose from a selection of safety wear leaders including Centurion, Delta Plus and JSP.

If you are looking for a product that complies with specific legislation then you may wish to make an enquiry and discuss your requirements with our in-house PPE expert.

Here are Essential Workwear we stock a concise range of safety helmets including vented, non vented and visor integrated options.

Hard hats and safety helmets act as the first line of defence against serious head injuries in the workplace. They are a legal essential in certain industries. Help avoid head injury by supplying the correct for of head protection, and ensure that the helmets are both used and maintained.

As well as the obvious safety protection that helmets provide, they are also a handy advertising tool when printed with your company logo or message. Enquire today for our branding options with regards to safety helmets.

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