Corporate Winter Workwear

At Essential, we are committed to ensuring that our company is taking the steps to becoming as Eco-friendly and sustainable as possible. As we move forward into an uncertain world, we want to ensure that we are doing our part in combating climate change.

Essential brands approximately 11,000 garments daily, so we feel it is our duty to do this in a sustainable way. From the materials we use and the launch of our new sugarcane packaging, here are 4 ways in which we make our business a little greener:

Water-based Inks

At Essential, we have the capability of using water-based ink within our printing processes. This ink uses 100% biodegradable pigment and doesn’t contain any of the toxic chemicals that Plastisol ink does.


Water-based ink is an eco-friendly option comprised of organically occurring ingredients and can be printed on an abundance of garments. With the variety and quantity of branding that Essential does every day, an environmentally friendly ink is a must.


Water-based ink printing is available upon request for all our customers and works exceptionally well with our organic cotton clothing.


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Sugar Cane Carbon Neutral Polybags

With the introduction of our new sugarcane carbon neutral poly bag, we are excited to change the way we package our garments.

Made from the leftovers of sugar cane extraction, this carbon neutral material is perfect for protecting our products within the shipping process whilst being 100% recyclable.

With the same sturdy feel of a non-biodegradable bag, we are so excited to offer this packaging alternative.

The sugarcane bags are available upon request for all our customers and we would love for you to join us in this ground-breaking way to eliminate non-biodegradable plastic.


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Compostable waste/recycling

When the use of plastic packaging is a must, Essential ensures that it is disposed and recycled appropriately and concisely.

Our plastic baler is used to press force our plastic waste and guarantees that it is recycled efficiently. The convenience of our baler means that our clothing professionals are about to dispose of the used plastic in an environmentally friendly way.

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Organic Cotton

We love encouraging our customers to use our 100% organic garments when ordering clothing with us.

We work with a range of certified companies that provide us with the best ethically and environmentally approved garments. Essential can then brand these organic cotton garments to suit your branding requirements.

These clothing options are Fair trade, produced with renewable energy and do not encounter harmful chemicals at any time


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Looking for further help or advice? Our dedicated team of experts can help you decide what winter workwear essentials your employees need. Get in touch with us and a member of our team will get back to you.