A seamless partnership between Essential Workwear and easyHotel, highlighting the commitment to sustainability!

Key Facts:

  • Sustainable uniform roll out across the UK.
  • 13 easyHotel sites.
  • 130 wearers.
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In a recent project, we had the privilege of working with easyHotel, a renowned hospitality chain, on the rollout of a new, sustainable uniform across 13 of their UK sites. With easyHotel’s low carbon pledge and our sustainability mission, our values on this project aligned coherently.

easyHotel has made significant strides towards reducing carbon emissions and promoting eco-friendly practices throughout their operations, so partnering with us to produce their sustainable branded workwear was an easy choice. Here at Essential Workwear, we offer a range of quality eco-conscious brands such as Stanley/Stella, Regatta Honestly Made, Printer Prime and more, which cater to a wide range of clients.

The Process

By understanding our client’s requirements, we deliver products which surpass expectations. Initial discussions between our team and easyHotel revealed the new uniform must not only look good but also feel great for the wearer. We agreed that high-quality materials that are easy to clean and maintain were essential. Moreover, easyHotel emphasised the importance of sustainability, seeking a uniform solution that could stand the test of time while aligning with their commitment to environmental responsibility.

easyHotel Uniform

With their requirements in mind, we created a sustainable lookbook which allowed the team at easyHotel to browse a range of relevant products and specifications all in one place. From that, their team were able to select which products they wanted to see branded.

After sampling different brands and styles, a sustainable uniform was confirmed, and our in-house artwork team got to work in making to-scale visuals of the uniform to be approved before production went ahead.

Once we got the green light, our production team started the process of branding their new uniform with the easyHotel logo to the left breast for a unified, professional appearance.

The branding and quality checks were then completed and each garment was packed into sugar cane carbon neutral polybags which aligned with their low-carbon pledge. The new uniform was then despatched to their sites across the UK.

This was a great start to our ongoing partnership with easyHotel.

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“Our experience with Essential Workwear has been great. From the outset, their team demonstrated professionalism and efficiency, making the entire process seamless. After putting great efforts to analyse and understand our needs, Essential Workwear introduced us to Stanley/Stella, a brand known for it’s eco-friendly practices. Their use of organic cotton and recycled materials aligned perfectly with our low carbon goals, and we were thrilled with the quality of the garments.

What truly stood out, was Essential Workwear’s commitment to deliver high level of service, tailor-made to our needs. Every order was fulfilled promptly, ensuring our UK sites received their uniforms without any delays.

If you’re looking for reliable and eco-conscious solutions, Essential Workwear is the perfect partner for your uniform needs.”

– Esther, Operations Project Manager easyHotel
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