Tony Palmer, production director at Essential Workwear, explains how to create a perfect high build print with sharp edges

In the endless search for that something different to show clients, we often attempt to showcase ‘tactile’ prints. These can include a myriad of special effects that ranges from expanding ink to ink that feels like suede or leather – there is even ink that looks and feels like it was printed 25 years ago and cured with a heat gun.

To achieve a raised effect we have a couple of options: we can add a chemical to the ink that when activated by heat will expand and puff up in the same way baking powder lifts a cake, or we can lay down an extra thick layer of sturdy high build ink. Expanding ink can be manipulated by altering the strength ratios to give either a matte appearance or a full-blown sponge effect; these are fantastic ways to achieve differing fashion looks, but the drawback is they leave a slightly rounded edge to the graphic because as the ink expands upwards, it also expands outwards. High build ink has no expanding qualities, however the high density of the ink enables it to retain a sharp edge after it has left the mesh.

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